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In 1989, ACSI was founded by Terry Kaczuk, who decided to launch his own business after gaining extensive experience in the building trades industry in Cleveland, Ohio, beginning in 1973. Initially working in the waterproofing and roofing division, Mr. Kaczuk later moved to the erection division, where he honed his skills in the assembly of pre-cast concrete panels.

During this period, the use of precast concrete panels was a relatively new concept in the building trades. While these panels were primarily used for the construction of various structures such as buildings, parking garages, bridges, plaza decks, and mezzanines, the need for waterproofing solutions emerged once these panels were erected in place. To address this need, various sealants and caulking were developed for installation.

Since its founding in 1989, ACSI has grown and evolved into a leading provider of full-service concrete, masonry, and steel restoration services. Through strong, long-term relationships with esteemed engineers, architects, material manufacturers and distributors, the company has established a reputation of excellence within the industry. This close collaboration enables ACSI to offer clients the most effective solutions available.

Currently, the company is under the leadership of President TJ Dowhan. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he brings a diverse range of knowledge to the company, including expertise in finance and management. Since joining the company, TJ has developed a deep understanding and passion for the industry, earning the respect of clients and vendors alike.

TJ is dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience from start to finish, using a solutions-oriented approach. He places a strong emphasis on working closely with his dedicated team at ACSI to ensure that all customer needs are met.

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